Mångsysslare och gränsöverskridare book cover

Client work 2008.

The book cover.

The book cover.

In the autumn of 2008, Maria Göransdotter, a lecturer and the director of single subject courses at Umeå Institute of Design, offered me to design the cover of the book Mångsysslare och gränsöverskridare that she was co-editing.


The names of the 14 authors of the book constitute the socket (bottom, metallic part) of the light bulb.

Given that the book is entirely written in Swedish—and that my Swedish is quite lousy—,all I knew about the contents of the book is that it had to do with the history of ideas. That’s precisely the reason why the visual is constituted of a light bulb—quite the quintessential symbol of an idea. I kept the visual entirely typographical repetitively writing Mångsysslare och gränsöverskridare: 13 uppsatser I idéhistoria in small-sized letters and by over-imposing that same title with big-sized letters.


A close-up of the back cover.