Sensing and sensuality poster

Self-initiated/client work 2009.

Poster for the Sensing and sensuality/Spring summit 2009 conference at Umeå Institute of Design.

Poster for the Sensing and sensuality/Spring summit 2009 conference at Umeå Institute of Design.

The poster

In early March 2009, I contacted Matt Cottam (Tellart/UID), who was the main orchestrator behind the Sensing and sensuality conference asking him if any promotionnal material had been designed for the event that would take place towards the end of the month. As it turned out, nothing had yet been done, so I offered my services to design a poster.

First sketches

Since the event was rapidly approaching, well, similarly I had to think and act fast. For some reason which now escapes me, I thought that in order to contrast with the ‘warm’ and evocative title Sensing and sensuality it would be an interesting idea to treat the visuals in a very cold and rational manner. So I did.

process 1

One of the first sketches I sent to Matt. Lots of imperfections, but it was getting there.

After I had somewhat perfected the letter(ing!?), Matt suggested that I add something that would evoke Spring, or at least something more natural. It is then that I added a highly altered background photograph that I had taken around Spring-time in 2008. By then, the poster was mostly done. I mainly had to adjust typographic details to finish the project.


The poster, as held by three fine gentlemen.

poster detail

Close-up of the printed poster.

The conference


Jack Schulze (of Schulze & Webb) speaking at the conference.

In late March 2009, Matt Cottam and the Umeå Institute of Design organized a wonderful, full-day conference at UID. Many world-renowned speakers came all the way up to Umeå to discuss and debate emerging thinking—and doing!—in the field of interaction design.


Matt Cottam.

I enjoyed every minute of the entire day. It was a true breath of fresh (mental) air to be able to see, hear, and yes, interact with all these fine people. Many thanks to Matt Cottam for letting me do the poster, and for having organized the conference with the good folks at UID.